Xperia X10 Unlocking Guide - X10 Permanent Unlock

Latest Client: V50.02

Supported Phones

Required Operating Systems

Multi Unlocking Client

Latest Client Version: 50.02
Download Latest Client Install 52.02a
X10 Unlock Client

Please make sure:

  • Your X10i is not running ANDROID V1.6 (please update your phone if it is before unlocking, do not attempt to unlock V1.6)
  • Your X10 is running Android 2.1 (as of yet no 2.3 is unreleased so no way to include)
  • You have a Standard non modified Kernal on your phone (you have not flashed custom firmware to your X10)
  • You must have internet connection

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista 32 bit
  • Windows Vista 64 bit
  • Windows 7 32 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit

Please note there is no MAC OS client or support, or support for running a virtual / parallel machine to use this software.

STEP 1: Driver Installation
Before you can unlock your phone you must install SEMC flash drivers & ADB drivers, this sounds complicated but is in fact a very simple process.

Make sure you have installed the Multi Unlock Client,then follow this procedure (see the video for further guidance)

  2. Select the correct 32 bit or 64 bit shortcut folder for your Operating System
  3. First run "SEMC Flash Driver Install"
  4. Complete the install wizard that appears
  5. Second run "ADB Driver Install"
  6. Complete the install wizard that appears
  7. Next we need to connect the X10 in Flash Mode (some times called boot mode)
  8. Remove the battery for 10 seconds and replace
  9. With the phone still powered off, Press & HOLD the "Back Button"
  10. Still holding the Back Button connect the USB cable
  11. Windows will now detect the new hardware and automatically install the drivers.
  12. Once complete, remove the USB cable from the phone and power the phone on.
  13. Next we will connect the phone with "USB Debugging" Enabled
  14. On the phone go to "Settings"
  15. Next go to "Applications"
  16. Next go to "Development"
  17. Now enable "USB Debugging"
  18. Click "OK" to confirm enabling of USB Debugging
  19. Now connect the USB cable
  20. Windows will now detect the new hardware and automatically install the drivers.
  21. Once complete you can proceed to unlock your X10

Watch X10 Driver Install Video Guide

STEP 2: Unlocking your X10i
Please follow this 1 step at a time.

First you must open the unlock client and enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD

  2. If you are using WINDOWS VISTA or WINDOWS 7 right click on "Unlock Client" the software and select "Run as administrator"
  3. Windows XP, double click "Unlock Client"
  4. Under the settings tab, Enter your LOGIN/USER NAME and your PASSWORD
  5. Click "Save Login Data"

Now we can proceed to Unlocking the X10

  1. Now click on the "SE" tab of the software
  2. Make sure that your phone is running a later version of ANDROID that 1.6 (tick the box to confirm on the Unlock Client) or ....
  3. If you are unsure if your phone is running v2.1 or later, then connect the phone in USB Debugging Mode & click "Check Phone"
  4. Ok, we now know we are running ANDROID 2.1 or above (if you are not then please upgrade your phone and start again)
  5. Remove your phones battery for 10 seconds and replace
  6. Press and HOLD the phones back button
  7. While still holding the phones back button connect the USB cable.
  8. The unlock client will now start the unlock process
  9. When prompted by the UNLOCK CLIENT, remove the USB cable and power on the phone.
  10. Make sure the phone is in USB Debugging Mode and connect the USB Cable again
  11. The UNLOCK CLIENT will now complete the unlock

Watch X10i Unlock Video Guide

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q - Is it a permanent unlock
A - Yes

Q - My X10 unlock counter is blocked
A - No problem, your X10 will still be unlocked.

Q - If I flash the phone, the phone will get relocked ?
A - No it's a permanent unlock, not a stupid "patch" unlock solution © 2011