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Sony Ericsson Data Wipe Software

November 1, 2013
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Sony Ericsson Android Data Wipe Software

Sony Ericsson Data Wipe Software

Sony Ericsson Data Wipe Software


Our data wipe tool is invaluable for anyone wanting to erase the data on any Sony Ericsson android handset.

Ideal for distributors and phone dealers. It will even erase the data from the handset even when the phone is locked.

When the phone lock is active on any SE handset it is normally impossible to wipe the handset using any existing software. This makes the handset impossible to recycle or re-sell. Our software will wipe the handset of all data in just a few seconds. Just connect the handset in flash mode and run the software.

  • No need to flash the handset
  • Resets and wipes data in seconds
  • Works when key-lock or security lock is active

Our software also unlocks:

  • Samsung via usb cable in seconds
  • ZTE 431 and 221 via usb cable (plus many more)
  • Blackberry vis cable



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