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Remote Metering

Remote Metering

Water and Electricity Remote Monitoring Server.

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  • remote monitoring solutions
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Jictech are specialists in bespoke software solutions and write and develop all our own software and hardware solutions.We are a small and efficient company with an attention to detail that cant be matched.

Our software is unique to each customer. Just call us with your needs and we can develop an affordable and bespoke solution according to your requirements .

Purchase our range of Water,Gas and Electric meters or use your existing equipment (must have pulse output) and connect direct to our Online Server via any Serial/Ethernet converter or using our own Micro Controller system.

Login from any location on any PC or Mobile Phone and view all data in real time.

Our server incorporates the following unique features:


  • Bespoke customised control panel ( we brand the server control panel and home page with your details)
  • Works with any existing Smart Meters or system (no need for push meters)
  • Unique API allows you to connect and display data on you own site or server
  • Database of customers and tenants
  • Sms Alert and Sms meter readings daily to any preset number
  • Unlimited Database of all readings
  • Remote switching via control panel of external devices such as pumps etc using our microcontroller system
  • Cctv viewer which is ideal for monitoring onsite equipment
  • Allows logins from multiple users

This system is ideal for Landlords, Estates or Meter Suppliers who need to monitor vital utility information or control external devices from any location. If you are an existing supplier of meters and want to expand your existing product range then this is the solution for you.

It is a cheap and effective system which can be fully customised to your needs by our team of programmers.

All meters can be fitted by any electrician or qualified individual with basic knowledge of wiring. As long as you have an internet connection near by then its a very simple process to connect direct to our server.

For locations without Internet there are various options that can be discussed such as Long Range WiFi Repeaters or 3g Routers with static ip.

JicTech Micro Controller

Our  micro controller system can be pre set and programmed to suite your needs. Unlike other more expensive meter reading software our system can be adapted with minimum cost. We can easily upgrade our existing unit or develop a new and bespoke solution at an affordable price. There are many uses for our server and controller which include remote switching and data recovery.


Please click on the images below to view an existing example.





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