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Multi Unlocker Client

New Multi Unlocker Server Client (samsung and zte version)

Our new Multi Unlocker server client

Our new Multi Unlocker server client


We have redesigned our popular Multi Unlocker server client. It now has a more slick appearance and is very simple to use. We have also removed some of the older options to make the client smaller and faster to download and install.

Multi Unlocker server is a great tool for removing the network lock on supported models. If you already sell codes then you will know how difficult it is to provide support to your customer when something goes wrong. It is a miracle if the supplier answer’s your email or even gives you a refund when the network code isn’t found in the database.

Multi unlocker gives you an instant unlock via cable. Just connect the handset to the usb cable supplied with the handset and plug into your pc. Run the client and install all necessary drivers and then simply press the unlock button. This is an instant unlock and so no need to wait for codes.

Multi Unlocker also gives you access to your own online control panel. You can add and edit user accounts aswell as view user activity.

Unlocking is a very simple process with our easy to follow instructions. No need to download an instruction manual as we have a website which contains all the relevant information. Our instructions site contains user manuals, videos and also downloads such as the latest server client and drivers.

If you are a reseller and wish to sell credits to your customers then it couldn’t be simpler. Just create user accounts using the online control panel and add the client installer to your download area. The latest software is always available on and there are links to this website on the server client.

New. Sony Ericsson Data Wiper added

Also added to this client is the Sony Data Wipe Tool. This is ideal for anyone recycling handsets. It is normally very difficult to wipe all the data from the handset if the lock is active and cannot be bypassed. Multi Unlocker will bypass the lock and wipe the data in seconds. It works on all Android handsets.


Supported models and functions:

Samsung Unlock via cable – supported models

ZTE Unlock via cable

Sony Ericsson Data Wipe – see here

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