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Mobile App Development

With our vast experience writing Mobile Phone related Software we are now able to Develop Apps for all platforms including:

  • Apple Iphone OS
  • Google Android OS
  • BlackBerry OS

Few mobile application development companies can say they started as early as we did. Jic Electronics was founded in 1998 and since then has worked alongside various companies and law enforcement agencies providing bespoke mobile phone related software solutions.It was just a natural progression to start mobile app development however unlike other developers we have some unique skills and knowledge when it comes to creating mobile phone apps.

We also create:

  • API keys
  • Php Databases
  • Online servers

All our Apps can be linked to your own Online Database using our unique APIs. The possibilities are endless!

If you would like a quote or require any information then please use the form below to submit any questions.

See our latest Apps HERE

Please note:

Due to the nature of our work and the privacy provided to some of our customers we cannot display all of our Apps on this website.


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