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About Us

February 12, 2013
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About Us

Jic Concepts Ltd was founded in 1995 by David Brailsford. Originally Jic Electronics Ltd we recently changed our name to encapsulate a wider range or products and services we offer.

We started in business by selling mobile phones and accessories and indeed were the first company in the UK to import mobile phone data cables from our other company Data Cables UK. We supplied distributors all over the country with serial cables that allowed customers to change the logo on there handset.

In 1998 we partnered with a Dutch company and started to produce our own software solutions to enable phone distributors to remove the network and sim locks from imported handsets. This was huge business for us and raised our profile all over the world. It was nothing out of the ordinary for us to be unlocking 50,000 phones at any one time and with our own online server our customers could programme there handsets remotely from anywhere in the world.

As the years rolled by we started to work on bespoke software solutions for the mobile phone industry and law enforcement which included data recovery solutions and of course network unlocking.

In 2003 we started the UK,s only mobile phone repair training school. We used qualified level 5 technicians from Hong Kong to teach all applicants the skills required to do component level repairs on handsets. This was such a huge success that our course was fully booked for 1 year. This in turn lead to us importing and supplying mobile phone repair tools such as our own branded hot air solder stations and power supplies.

As business blossomed it became apparent that we could no longer cope with the long hours and huge work demands and so I took the decision to semi retire and work on other projects. Jic lay dormant for a while while i pursued other ventures which included Antiques, Fine Art and also Luxury Watches.

In 2007 I was contacted to work on a forensic project and so with the aid of our old team of programmers  JIC was reborn with a new strategy.

We now write bespoke software solutions and are experts at developing remote online server solutions. When it comes to mobile phones there is no company with a better understanding of programming and security. We write and develop our own custom boot loaders.


Do you want a bespoke software solution with your own logo? We have many affordable options to develop and brand your own software which will increase your profile. Please contact us for further information.




David Brailsford (Company Director)


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